Friday, May 20, 2016

Bangtan Boys (random gifs)

Maknae line <3

Kookie comforting RapMon <3

same same*

omg hahaha

precious :3


aww Jimin rejected T-T


Vkook [mineee~]

fire on stage performance

this is actually sweet <3

Maknae Line

his expression is everything XD

Same Same

oww~ jikook moment~


this poor child XD

eomma and baby kookie [Jin & Kookie]


taking a picture be like

lol XD child what are you doing??

*bunny snarl*

"when your ready to fight"

his hair XD

all grown up [kookie]

he look so young here



the smile

derp master~

aww this sweet child <3

how can he be cute when his eating?

Running man days [Rap Monster]

Sad Fact his prettier than me T-T

*eating seductively* XD

dang boyyy~

Can't help it,. his so cute~

[I don't own this gifs(except one)]

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