Saturday, May 7, 2016

BTS Eating Moments

of course Jin first ^^


still swag hahaha

eating makes him so excited

I know huh!!! lol that's just me hahaha

*Suga teasing Taehyung* poor Taehyung

Jhope looks so cute on this gif


nom nom

*Kookie feeding Jimin*

*eomma Jin feeding his kid Jimin*

"when food touch your soul"

wow!~ this is awesome (if you watch this episode, you'll know why)

*Ice creAM!!* yummm

"when your caught eating"

hahahaha this kid is so funny

"it's so delicious that makes you cry face" lol XD


     "Kookie: I can't eat anymore. I'm so full. *jokes on you continue to eat anyway*" Lol


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