Monday, May 16, 2016

BTS Fansign (pictures)


jikook <3


Jimin look so pretty <3 (shut up his beautiful)


uhmm....Jimin that is not how you wear it...

Vmin <3

Taehyung being him

"when you wanna play, but no one want to play with you"

so cute


terrorizing XD lol

yup his weird, but adorable

Your Highness


"first pay day be like"

this smile is everything

Devil and Angel (they're both angel tho)


TaeKook, VKook

Battle of aegyo

cutie Pharaoh

gorgeous <3

Excuse me,. [hahahahah]

yup his the fairest of them all

pretty jin

suga suga suga suga <3

his a rapper,... believe me

same same

ehh don't know what to say XD

his hydrated and beautiful

Jhope the Sunshine :3

kookie be eating again

ohhhh amma open ma food.....XD

nom nom



rawrrr~ by the way that's RapMons shoulder

ayooo.... so cute

he looks like he was forced


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[I don't own this pictures]

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