Friday, May 27, 2016

BTS Photoshoot


Suga indeed


that beauty though


Namjoon <3

your hope Jhope

this is V

look at taekook couple XD such a dork

jungkook signature dance

happy kookie

Jimin, from this....

to this [FAST]

suga suga suga <3

Rapmon ^-^

look at Taehyung being V

lol don't know what to say

getting too excited their

when your friends don't support you -_-

remember the Halloween special cover of BTS?



Jin loves pink [confirmed]

jikook moment

uhh... jimin what are you doing to kookie?

oOH~  YOOMIN in the house <3

look at suga, everytime the work is done

I don't understand why Jin is the only one wearing shoes...

[jin wearing shoes] did they do it on purpose?

kookie: lets go!~

poor child ^_^

looks like his enjoying though

oh so this is how it is.....



Bangtan Boys


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