Tuesday, May 3, 2016

BTS Members

It just happen...
I don't really know what to post right now... -_-


J Hope the happy virus.

 V - Taehyung his adorably weird.

Jimin he got no jams ^-^

Jungkook his BTS baby [fetus] his still illegal. hahaha

Jin is the oldest member, his born both beautiful and handsome.

 Rap Monster his really good in rapping, his good in studying [smart kiddo].
His also Dance Monster <3 ^^.

Suga is aegyo master, I mean Swag.... I don't really know he can do both.




BTS new MV's
 [youtube videos]

BTS "Fire"

 BTS "Epilogue: Young Forever"

[I don't own this gifs]

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