Friday, June 3, 2016

Dear Bias

If this is a real story of a fangirl or not, I still wanna share this and hope our idols would see this.
We are part of their millions fans who support them. We know them from watching every single step they take to their success, we are proud of them, we admire them, they make us laugh, smile, happy, and they inspire us. Some of us meet them once or twice and some watch them from a far [International fans]. No matter what other people tell us about our bias we're still their to support them, they might remember us or not, it doesn't matter cause they were not just an idol for us, they mean something in our life.
As a fan myself, I’m happy to know them and will continue to watch my bias [Bangtan Boys] to their success, until they reach the top.

[I don't own this edited pictures]

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