Sunday, July 17, 2016


*intense look* or glare maybe. no?okay, sorry.

Pink is everything <3


Jin's acting skills.

Remember Jin being so pissed because of the hard choreo [for dope]?

Jin's signature dance XD

his shoulders <3


pretty please

jin as always <3

practice time

*broad shoulders, back view*

omg hahaha

Your Highness

*wink* ...okay okay I get it.


Jin eomma with Yoongi grandpa ^_^

holding hand with the maknae <3

lol XD

His kids at the back though.

of course he's eating cause he love food

hahaha :3

I can't XD omg stop!~

*sexy AF*

Remember this?


with Jimin *omg*

[I don't own this gifs/pictures]

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