Friday, August 19, 2016

BTS JiKook gifs

Jimin + Jungkook

JiKook fans, calm down. ^_^

Jimin: *glaring* *mine* XD

gosh, calm down.

okay okay I get it...

Jungkook speaking alien language???

*when bae is so fine*

savage* LOLXD

this look so unfamiliar, usually Jimin fanboy over Kookie

Jungkook's like I just want to go home. sTOP!

Jimin: What kind of scene is this?

Jungkook: The back hug scene.


oh my god

fetus days <3 JiKook

Kookie: Stares*

Jimin's sitting on Kookies lap?

They look so good on pink <3 love it

you know Jikook's relationship right?...

He hit's me, I hit him back. This is Jikook's relationship XD

kookies so cute

Jungkook's hands are blessed

*intense look*

*looking at each other*

*holding hands* <3


When bae is annoying, but his cute. So you still love him.

The looks

omg jimin stop!~ :3

Jimin looks jealous (hardcore)

mission accomplish

Muscle Kook with Chim-chim <3

bless you Jungkook XD*

mixed gifs...sorry
[I don't own any of this gifs]

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